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Legend mobile homes buys mobile homes in Riverside. Are you looking to sell your mobile home in Riverside County? Perhaps you’re relocating and need the cash now? You may have inherited it but would rather have the money instead? Maybe you’ve been burdened with a mobile home you don’t need through a divorce? Legend Mobile Homes can help. No matter what your situation, we quickly and painlessly purchase your mobile home without judgment for a fair price, in cash.

No Repairs & Maintenance

Want to sell your mobile home, but it’s looking a little run down? There is no need to do any repairs when you sell your mobile home to us. Legend Mobile Homes buy mobile homes in Riverside County in almost any condition, so you don’t have to shell out on any money on repair work.

No Commissions, No Closing Costs

Unlike agents, we won’t charge you any commission or hidden fees when we buy your mobile home. That’s because we don’t operate the way agents do. So you can plan your finances based on the quote we give you. And no commissions mean more money for you. That way, you know you’re getting the best price for your mobile home.

We are the Buyer, Not the Agent

When you speak to Legend Mobile Homes in Riverside you are speaking directly to the buyer, not the agent. This means no open houses, no inspections, and no falling through escrow due to financing issues. We can ensure that the sale of your mobile home is as simple as it is quick.

We Pay Cash For Your Property

Whatever the reason for selling is, Legend Mobile Homes, Riverside mobile home buyer will purchase your mobile home in cash. That way, you know you will get your payment when you want it, and not when it suits us. Want to hold off on that sale date until a time that works better for you? No problem, we’ll wait until you are ready, so you can arrange what you need to.

Honesty, Relationships, Local

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and local. We are a professional, organized, and trustworthy business with a great reputation and many happy clients. By working with us, you’ll have peace of mind working with our team.

Who is Legend Mobile Homes?

Who is Legend Mobiel Homes

Buying Mobile Homes in Riverside

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Legend Mobile Homes specializes in helping mobile homeowners sell their home by buying mobile homes directly from them. If honesty and the ability to deliver is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. Behind on your rent? Need a cash boost? Then we are the right Riverside mobile home buyers to buy your mobile home! We can buy your old home and give you that much-needed money as soon as you need it. We buy in mobile homes parks in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, and Riverside counties. We’ve seen homes in all sorts of conditions and from all kinds of situations. Pick up the phone and talk to us about how we can relieve you from your financial stress.

Why Choose Legend Mobile Homes?

Legend Mobile Homes are proud to be a Riverside mobile home buyer that is professional and organized. You can see our reviews on sites like our Yelp and Facebook business pages for full transparency. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to find out more!


I wanted to sell my mobile home fast so I could relocate out of state. this was the only company I spoke with that seemed honest and knowledgeable. Luckily I chose to sell my mobile home with them and I was thrilled with how everything went. They did everything they said they were going to do and most importantly I was able to get my cash quickly and move out of state!

Karen from Woodland Hills, CA

I had an easy and pleasant experience with Legend Mobile Homes. I really felt that I was treated fairly and that they are honest and professional. They were able to answer any questions I had for them and I got a sense that they really knew what they were doing from the start. Would definitely highly recommend.

Jonathan D. from Las Vegas, NV

The Housing Problem & Why Do We Do It

We understand that housing has become very unaffordable recently and we think that mobile homes can be a great solution for many people. We want to be part of improving the housing situation by providing quality mobile homes to live in, in our community. Our aim is to lighten your financial load by buying your mobile home – and completing the transaction as quickly and as smoothly as possible. From there, we give your old home new life either by remodeling it or installing a completely brand new mobile home. Meanwhile, you are freed from the burden of your mobile home, with the cash to do whatever you want. When you breathe a sigh of relief, we do too!

Why We Do It - Legend Mobile Homes

Selling Your Mobile Home To Us

Selling your mobile home can be confusing and intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! We aim to make the sale of your home as simple and stress-free as possible. If you are not sure if we cover your city or area, just take a look at our Service Areas page. Just follow our three easy steps, and you can be on your way to being happier and wealthier!

Step 1

Call or Email Us

Call or text us at (323)918-8010 or fill out our online form so we can get started. We are available 24 hours a day. We’ll ask a few easy questions about your mobile home. From there, we can arrange a time that suits you for us to come to your home to inspect it, free of charge.

Step 2

Get an Offer

Once at the inspection, we do an assessment of your home and can give you our purchase price and cash offer for your mobile home. All our offers are under no obligation, so there’s no pressure on you to sell. Need time to think about it? Take your time! Want to get the ball rolling straight away? Great! We’ll work with you to fit with your schedule.

Step 3

Get Your Cash

Need your payment straight away, or later? You tell us – you’re in charge of your closing date, so you get your money when you need it. And we take care of most of the paperwork, so all you need to concentrate on is how you will spend your cash!

Let Legend Mobile Homes, Riverside mobile home buyer, help you with your unwanted mobile home. Call us today to get your free quote, and we’ll do the rest!

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